Waste-to-Energy Plant Project by Transcar

Transcar Projects was appointed to complete the onshore scope for a new waste-to-energy plant in the UK. This included the landing, clearance, and delivery of 24 sections of the project’s superheaters (ranging from 53,000 – 110,000 Kgs each).

Navigating Logistical Challenges:

Originating from China, these large units were transported aboard a charter vessel to the UK. Due to draft restrictions at the West Coast ports nearest to the project site, the shipment was initially discharged on the East Coast. The operation entailed handling of the units onto the quay, followed by storage and subsequent re-loading onto a fully chartered coaster vessel. This maritime maneuver was necessitated by road transport limitations, allowing for the units to be efficiently transported around the UK coast to a West Coast port.

Precision and Coordination:

Upon arrival, each unit was carefully discharged onto hydraulic axles for storage within the port. Transcar coordinated the shuttling of the units into the project site two at a time, accommodating site receiving restrictions and coordinating with police escorts. This phase of the operation highlighted Transcar’s precision in planning and execution.

Successful Delivery:

All units were delivered to the project site without damage, perfectly aligning with the project’s delivery schedule.

Transcar Projects demonstrated their proficiency in managing the waste-to-energy plant project with great efficiency. They have proven to be experts in handling complex logistics operations, especially when it comes to heavy-lift projects. The success of this operation showcases their ability to address the specific needs of the renewable energy sector through meticulous planning and execution.

For detailed logistics solutions and to discuss how Transcar Projects can support your next heavy-lift or renewable energy project, please reach out directly: www.transcar.co.uk

Project Images Overview:

The pictures provide a glimpse into the logistics operation for the waste-to-energy plant project by Transcar Projects:

  • Coast Vessel Arrival: Showcasing the coast vessel at the West Coast port, ready for the discharge of the cargo using a mobile crane.
  • Handling of the 110,000 kg Section: Highlighting the process of lowering the 110,000 kg section directly onto hydraulic axles, preparing it for transport to the laydown facility.
  • Storage in the Port: Demonstrating how units were jacked down onto stools for temporary storage within the port.
  • Loading onto coaster vessel: The units were loaded on the main, tween, and lower decks of the charter vessel, optimizing space and ensuring safe transport around the UK coast to their destination on the West Coast.

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