Port Link’s Year of Logistics Success

Introduction: In 2023, Port Link, the World Project Group representative in Pakistan, showcased their expertise in managing diverse logistics projects. From precise transportation of heavy industrial equipment to the efficient handling of complete industrial plants, Port Link ensured seamless project executions from China to Pakistan, emphasizing their role as a key player in the logistics sector.

Project Highlights

Steel Plant Shipment (January 2023)

  • Details: Executed the delivery of a 508-ton steel plant shipment from Shanghai, China, to Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Execution: Handled with exceptional care to maintain structural integrity and timely delivery.

Steam Boiler Transport (March 2024)

Details: Shipped a 36.72 MT steam boiler from Caofeidian, China, to Karachi, Pakistan.

  • Execution: Despite logistical challenges, the boiler was transported efficiently, demonstrating Port Link’s capability to handle delicate machinery.

Complete Sugar Mill Plant Relocation (October 2023)

  • Details: Moved a 246-ton sugar mill plant from Shanghai, China, to Karachi, Pakistan.
  • Execution: Coordination of multiple shipments ensured the plant components arrived simultaneously, facilitating a streamlined reassembly.

Air Separation Unit Transport (October 2023)

  • Details: Oversaw the transfer of a 411-ton air separation unit from Shanghai, China, to Hattar, Pakistan.
  • Execution: Managed the intricate logistics of oversized cargo with strategic planning and precision.

Commitment to Excellence

Each project undertaken by Port Link in 2023 was marked by a commitment to logistical excellence and client satisfaction. The team’s dedication to detail and ability to navigate complex shipping regulations and schedules ensured that all cargoes were delivered on time and in perfect condition, reinforcing their reputation for reliability.

Looking Ahead

As Port Link continues to expand its capabilities and take on new challenges, the World Project Group remains a supportive network, enhancing the reach and resources available to its members.


Throughout 2023, Port Link demonstrated effective management of various logistics projects, showcasing their capabilities in efficiently handling shipments from China to Pakistan. These successful deliveries underscore their consistent commitment to providing dependable logistics solutions. As Port Link moves forward, they continue to build on their strong track record of project execution. The World Project Group is proud to support Port Link and all our members in their endeavors to excel and innovate in their respective markets.

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