Helka Global Logistics Delivers Critical Heat Exchanger

Helka Global Logistics, the World Project Group member from China, recently undertook the significant task of transporting an 88-metric ton heat exchanger from Barcelona, Spain to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. This vital equipment is crucial for the oil and gas industry, ensuring effective heat transfer and maintaining operational efficiency and safety.

Project Details

  • Cargo: An 88-metric ton heat exchanger.
  • Transportation Route: The journey spanned from Barcelona, Spain to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • Scope of Work: Helka Global Logistics managed the entire transportation process, ensuring the heat exchanger was delivered safely and securely.

Key Challenges and Solutions

Size and Weight: The colossal size and weight of the heat exchanger required specialized handling and transportation equipment.
Solution: Utilized heavy-duty transport solutions and coordinated with experienced handling teams to manage the load securely.

International Transport: The journey involved multiple international borders and compliance with various regulations.
Solution: Ensured all necessary documentation and regulatory requirements were meticulously prepared and adhered to, facilitating smooth transit across borders.

Safety and Security: The equipment’s critical nature demanded constant monitoring and protection.
Solution: Implemented stringent safety protocols and continuous tracking to ensure the heat exchanger remained secure throughout its journey.

Execution and Outcome

Helka Global Logistics’ expert team successfully managed the complex logistics, delivering the heat exchanger to its destination in Saudi Arabia on time and in perfect condition. The project exemplified their meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality service.


This project highlights Helka Global Logistics’ capability to handle large-scale, mission-critical equipment with precision and care. Their dedication to ensuring safe and timely delivery reinforces their reputation as a reliable logistics partner in the oil and gas industry.

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