Global Expertise, Local Touch: ECS, MAVER International, and EUROPE CARGO Team Up

ECS (Italy), MAVER International (Italy), and EUROPE CARGO (Belgium), members of the World Project Group, recently demonstrated their collaborative strength in a project involving the transportation of an Ammonia Converter Steam Generator and accessories. The shipment, originating from Italy and destined for Trinidad via Antwerp, showcased the unique blend of global reach and local expertise that defines the WPG network.

Project Highlights:

  • Cargo: Ammonia Converter Steam Generator and Accessories
  • Weight: 31 Tons
  • Journey: From Italy to Trinidad, transiting through Antwerp

The collaboration between ECS, MAVER International, and EUROPE CARGO was pivotal in ensuring the smooth execution of this project. Each member contributed their local knowledge and specialized skills, ensuring that every aspect of the shipment was managed with precision and care.

This project underlines the World Project Group’s commitment to providing customers with local expertise on a global scale, coupled with exceptional service. The successful delivery of the 31-ton shipment is not just a logistical achievement but a testament to the power of collaboration and customer satisfaction within the WPG network.

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