Windmill Blades Transportation Project by Europe Cargo

Europe Cargo recently completed the FOB arrangement of five windmill blades. This project showcases the capabilities within the World Project Group (WPG) network for managing oversized cargo efficiently.

Project Details:

  • Cargo: Windmill Blades
  • Quantity: 5
  • Dimensions: Each blade measuring 4000 x 325 x 300 cm
  • Weight: 10,700 KG each
  • Origin: Germany
  • Services Provided: Included pre-carriage from Germany, specialized crane operations, and loading onto the vessel.


Given the blades’ dimensions and weight, the project required meticulous planning and coordination. Europe Cargo demonstrated their expertise in handling oversized cargo through seamless execution of pre-carriage, crane operations, and loading processes. This operation underscores Europe Cargo’s ability to deliver logistical solutions for the renewable energy sector’s growing demands.

About Europe Cargo:

Europe Cargo specializes in project forwarding, chartering, and various logistics services, showcasing their proficiency in tackling complex logistics challenges such as the transportation of windmill blades.

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