Europe Cargo’s Expertise in Handling a 203.8-Ton Cargo

In a display of logistical expertise, Europe Cargo, a distinguished member of the World Project Group based in Belgium, recently showcased its logistical expertise by successfully handling a massive 203.8-ton unit. This operation highlights their capability in managing oversized and heavy cargo.

Cargo Details:

  • Dimensions: 11.05m (L) x 5.06m (W) x 5.05m (H)
  • Weight: 203,800 kg

The operation involved discharging the unit from a barge, securing storage in a covered area, and meticulous re-loading onto a sea vessel. The significant weight and dimensions of the cargo required Europe Cargo’s precise coordination and use of specialized equipment.

Europe Cargo’s efficient handling of this challenging operation is a testament to their skills and robust capabilities within the World Project Group network. This successful endeavor underscores the network’s commitment to providing top-tier logistics solutions for cargo of any size or complexity.

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