Efficient Execution of Shore Crane Transport by Enterprise Logistics

Project Overview:

Enterprise Logistics, a World Project Group member based in Brazil, expertly managed the transport of a disassembled shore crane from China to Rio de Janeiro. This operation, executed during the Chinese New Year holiday, involved coordinating the loading of 116 packages, with the heaviest piece weighing 180 metric tons.

Execution Challenges and Solutions:

  • Timing and Efficiency: The project was scheduled during the Chinese New Year, a period typically marked by operational slowdowns. However, Enterlog ensured the loading was completed within 24 hours, with no vessel waiting time.
  • Adverse Conditions: The operation faced interruptions due to strong winds and currents at the loading port, which temporarily halted both inward and outward movements for several hours.
  • Packing List Discrepancies: Inaccuracies in the cargo dimensions on the packing list presented a potential stowage issue. The port captain responded promptly, adjusting the stowage plan to accommodate the actual dimensions, ensuring safe and secure loading.

Project Outcomes:

The crane was efficiently loaded and transported without delay, and was successfully discharged in Rio de Janeiro at the end of March. The operation was completed without complications, demonstrating Enterprise Logistics capability to handle complex logistics challenges effectively.


This project exemplifies Enterprise Logistics’ proficiency in international logistics, showcasing their ability to navigate and adapt to unexpected challenges with professionalism and precision. The successful handling of the shore crane transport reinforces Enterprise Logistics’ reputation as a reliable logistics partner within the World Project Group network.

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