ECS and Maver International Team Up for High-Stakes Airfreight Delivery

In a showcase of collaboration and expertise, two members of the World Project Group, ECS and Maver International, joined forces to execute a demanding airfreight operation. The project involved the transportation of two large industrial valves from Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy to a petrochemical company in Houston, Texas, USA, demonstrating the power of partnership within the WPG network.

Challenges Addressed:

  1. Adapting Cargo for Air Transport: Initially positioned vertically on steel skids, the valves required innovative repacking to fit a Boeing 747 freighter, avoiding the higher costs associated with chartering an Antonov 124.
  2. Detailed Coordination with Airlines: Maver International spearheaded communications with Cargolux to secure air transport capable of handling such significant cargo under stringent timelines.
  3. Local Operations and Cost Management: ECS took the helm in Houston, managing local operations including crane services and transport logistics, significantly reducing potential storage fees by ensuring rapid unloading and delivery.

Strategic Execution:

The collaboration between Maver International and ECS exemplified WPG’s commitment to leveraging collective expertise. Maver International’s adept handling of initial logistics and airline coordination in Europe paired seamlessly with ECS’s precise execution of local operations in the USA, ensuring the cargo reached its destination efficiently and cost-effectively.

Successful Outcome:

The valves were not only delivered on time but were also installed without incurring additional storage costs, saving the client over USD 17K. This operation underscored the value of WPG’s collaborative network, where members work together to solve complex logistics challenges.

Celebrating Teamwork and Global Reach:

This project is a testament to the global reach and collaborative strength of the WPG network. By combining resources and expertise, ECS and Maver International provided a top-tier logistics solution that highlights the group’s capacity for managing intricate and high-value projects worldwide.

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