ECS Delivers Precision in Oversized Cargo Transport from USA to Trinidad & Tobago

Express Consolidations Systems (ECS) recently demonstrated its logistical expertise by managing the transport of an oversized Electrical Rotor for a Turbine from Charlotte, North Carolina, to Point Lisas, Trinidad & Tobago. The shipment, with its challenging dimensions of 9.58 x 2.77 x 3.10 meters and weight of 47.85 metric tons, showcases ECS’s ability to handle complex logistic operations with precision and efficiency.

The journey commenced with meticulous trucking of the rotor from the factory to Port Everglades. At the port, the cargo was securely transferred to the vessel and secured on board for its sea voyage. All operations were performed under a precise Method Statement which ensured that the rotor was secured following best practices, guaranteeing a safe passage to its destination.

This project underscores the collaborative spirit and technical prowess of all parties involved, leading to a seamless delivery and a highly satisfied customer. It highlights ECS’s commitment to excellence in managing sophisticated logistics challenges.

To learn more about ECS and explore their comprehensive logistics solutions, visit ECS Shipping.

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