Multimodal Movement of Critical ODCs from India for a Power Plant in the USA

Total Movements successfully executed this Port-to-Door movement of large ODCs and related General cargo upto 2000 freight tons of critical power plant equipment from the load port in India upto the foundation in USA.

Following was our scope of work :

  • Shipping of the Breakbulk cargoes from Indian port to the discharge port in the USA
  • Receiving the cargoes under the vessel hook at the discharge port.
  • Import custom clearance and port handling.
  • Road Transportation from the discharge port to the project site.

The key features of this movement involved :

  • Locating the best available sailing option for the ODC cargo.
  • Being a time-bound shipment, escorts and road permits were arranged well in advance in the USA
  • Transportation of the BB cargo from the discharge port to the project site covering a distance of around 1450 miles
  • Ensuring cargo safety despite strong winds & heatwave enroute to the project site

All the cargo was delivered in a safe and timely manner, much to the delight of our customers. We’d like to express our gratitude to all the stakeholders who supported us in making this shipment a huge success.

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