Broekman Project Logistics: Successful Shipment from Rotterdam to Argentina

Broekman Project Logistics recently managed a \ shipment from FCA Rotterdam to a CFR Port in Argentina. This operation highlights their expertise in handling complex logistics challenges.

Cargo Composition:

  • 2x 40ft SOC (Shipper’s Own Container)
  • 7x Breakbulk (BB) units, each ranging from 24.7 to 27.2 meters in length

Cargo Specifications:

  • Total Volume: 1,818 m³
  • Total Weight: 224 Tons

The cargo, comprising a mix of containerized and breakbulk units, was successfully unloaded at the Port of Discharge (POD) in Argentina on January 8th. The meticulous planning and execution by Broekman Project Logistics ensured the safe and efficient transportation of this diverse cargo.

Broekman’s ability to manage such a varied shipment, from the loading in Rotterdam to the unloading in Argentina, demonstrates their commitment to providing tailored logistics solutions. This successful operation is a testament to their capability in the global logistics arena.

For more information about Broekman Project Logistics and their services, visit Broekman Logistics.

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